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          1. Power Transformer

            Being one of the reliable manufacturer and exporter of Power Transformers, we have occupied the top most places in the market. Famous for their excellent performance, our manufactured Power Transformers are widely demanded by customers in the markets. Passed through all quality checks, Power Transformers are reckoned for their efficiency, which they have shown in various applications.

            Traits :
            • Made under stringent quality control program
            • Tapping for positive/negative voltage variation
            • OFF circuit or ON load tap changers
            • Intermediate sizes
            • Non-standard voltage ranges
            • Efficient transmission
            • Distribution of electricity
            • Low losses
            • Capitalization formula
            • Step up purpose like 6.6/11KV,11/33KV
            • Incoming low voltage in stepped up to a higher voltage level
            • No load loss
            • Impedance
            • Flux density of core
            • Current density
            • Overall tank dimension or any other technical parameters

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