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          1. Furnace Transformer

            Mirzapur Electrical Industries Ltd. is the one name, which called up by clients repeatedly for the purchase of Furnace Transformers. The Furnace Transformers, which we are offering are featured with multiple ratio outputs for changing resistance loads. For the supply of featured Furnace Transformers, we are stated as the most trusted manufacturer and exporter of Furnace Transformers.

            Accomplished with :
            • Configurations : Three phase configuration
            • Used For : To take minimum advantage of various automated processes
            • Material : Up to 5 MVA
            • Special arrangement of tapping
            • Secondary voltage
            • LT Windings for large LT currents either with on load or off load tap changers

            Design For :
            • Induction Furnace Transformers
            • Arc Furnace Transformers
            • Ladle Furnace Transformers

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