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          1. Double Ratio Transformer

            Double Ratio Transformer, provided by us, is widely famous in domestic as well as international markets. The Double Ratio Transformer is featured with the expertsa?? assistance that helps in increasing its utility factor. Known for efficiency, our offered Double Ratio Transformer has earned us a load of applause in the market.

            Single Voltage Ratio :
            • 11/0.433KV
            • 33/0.433KV
            • 22/0.433KV
            • 11/0.550KV
            • 33/11KV

            Double Voltage Ratio :
            • 11-6.6/0.433KV
            • 11-3.3/0.433KV

            Incoming Voltage :
            • 11KV or 6.6KV

            Output Voltage :
            • 433V

            Additional Information

            Product Code Double Ratio Transfo

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