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          1. Assured Safety and Performance

            From decades, Mirzapur Electrical Industries Ltd is the leading Transformer Manufacturing Company, has been the one stop destination for Power and Distribution Transformers. We are actively engaged in the manufacturing, supplying, and exporting Transformers. Our company has set the benchmark of quality and performance via High Power Transformers and Arc Furnace Transformers that are unbeatable in the worldwide market. All our transformers are type tested from time to time at government laboratories to approve of good quality.

            Mirzapur Electrical Industries Ltd made its small beginning for the manufacture of Electrical Transformers in the year 1966 and today has achieved the pinnacle of success in the domain of Power Transformers up to 10 MVA/33 KV. Company has many strides in the manufacture and supply of over 40,000 transformers of various capacities and voltages to almost all the Electricity Boards, Industries and other Power Utilities in India. The Company enjoys an excellent image as a reliable Transformer Manufacturing Unit in the Country. Read more...

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